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Our Surf Charter “Jiwa Alam” is anchored and we’d love to take you on our next surf adventure trip.


Our crew will bring you to secret spots, empty line-ups and world class waves “It’s Not Mentawai, It’s a Secret”.

Indo Boat Cruise Right Break Sumbawa

Hidden Rights of Sumbawa

Departing either from Lakey Peak. Sumbawa is known for its world-class lefts: Lakey Peak, Lakey Pipe, Periscopes, etc. After cruising for a while around the island, we discovered more unridden rights than left. We found world-class spots and were always alone in the line-up. Join us!

Lombok Surf

Rote Empty Line-ups

The legend of this island got its name accidentally when a lost Portuguese sailor asked a farmer where he was. The surprised farmer, who could not speak Portuguese, introduced himself, “Rote”. Rote is particularly well known for its surfing, because of perfect tubes formed by the shallow reefs and off-shore winds, and is mostly accessed by boat.

Sumba Surf

Sumba Waves Searcher

The wild and remote island of Sumba is home to world-class surf spots. Only accessible by boat. Every time we get there, we end up finding new spots. Highlights include Miller’s Right and many other similar spots.