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Jiwa Alam, Surf Charter, is anchored in Bali and we’d love to take you on our next trip.

Cruising from Bali to the Southern tip of Indonesia, our crew will bring you to secret spots, empty line-ups and world class waves.

Surf Charter Bali

We make it easy. Departing from Bali or Lombok or Sumba or Kupang – our newly built surf-boat can accommodate up to 8 pax and will bring you to uncrowded world-class waves while cruising to the East either from East. After years of cruising in the area, looking for the best spots, we offer the following itineraries.

    • “Lombok empty line-ups”, passing by Nusa Lembongan & back to Bali – An easy surf trip that doesn’t require you to spend hours flying as you’ll depart from Bali.  The highlight of this trip includes empty breaks around the southern and eastern coast of Lombok, that are only accessible by boat.
    • “Hidden rights of Sumbawa” – Departing either from Lakey or Bali. Sumbawa is known for its world-class lefts: Lakey Peak, Yo-yos, Scar Reef, etc. After cruising for a while around the island, we discovered more unridden rights than left. We found world-class spots and were always alone in the line-up. Join us!
    • “Sumba waves searcher” – The wild and remote island of Sumba is home to world-class surf spots. Only accessible by boat. Every time we get there, we end up finding new spots. Highlights include Miller’s Right and many other similar spots.
    • Rote, Savu & further eastern islands – On request.

Feel free to ask if you have a special inquiry, we’ll be happy to help!

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